A different perspective on conservation and Africa

Konservation is a youth-led platform that demonstrates how action at the grassroots is tackling Africa’s emerging problems, where it matters most.

We show young people how to engage in conservation and sustainable development through, rural-based grassroots projects.

Our AIM is to enhance environmental stewardship, empower women and inspire young people to be involved in the sustainable development of local communities, to whom they owe their origin and progress…

Our Work

We Mentor

Encourage young people to get involved in conservation through our growing youth network.

We Build Capacity

Educate students about conservation and climate change through school platforms.

We Partner

Promote projects with a focus on conservation and sustainable community development

Our Impact

homes with access to solar lighting
students trained on climate change
members part of our youth network

Our Blogs

The revolution in leadership and the need to instill a sense of service cannot be confined only to those at the top of African societies. Even the most poorest and least empowered of African citizens should get involved… they must grasp the available opportunities and not wait for someone else to magically make development happen for them. They must realize that no matter how meager their capacities and resources, they have the means to protect what is theirs.” 

- Wangari Maathai