Regenerative Agriculture

Our Climate Smart Agriculture project seeks to establish locally sustained seed-banks for indigenous crops and educate communities on climate-resilient husbandry. The overall goal is to reduce malnutrition among subsistence farmers in Nyamira County and increase their bargaining power in the trade of their produce.

Inuka Project

Recognizing that more needs to be done in the space of women empowerment, Konservation now reaches younger vulnerable women through our Inuka Project to secure the future of girls.

Women and Energy

In Kenya, an estimated 65% of households lack electricity. Rural homes are subjected to the use of harmful kerosene lamps, as a source of household lighting.

Climate Change Education

Our Climate Change Education project acknowledges the direct link between young people and the future. In order to bridge an existent knowledge gap around the mystery of a changing climate, we practice next-generation capacity building to educate the region’s future farmers.


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