Konservation Volunteer


Thank you for your interest in the Konservation volunteer program.

During every primary and secondary school – academic term, we accept a small number of volunteers to our ongoing field projects in Kenya.

The volunteer program comprises 1-2 weeks placement with one of our grassroots projects in Kenya, designed for university students or graduates pursuing a career in conservation and/or agriculture, and is equipped with skills in practical community development.

The current volunteer application window will seek for volunteers to contribute to our climate change awareness project, achieved through environmental education in the schools we visit within Nyamira County.

Frequently Asked Question

Who can apply for our volunteer program?

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Our volunteers are over 18 years of age and are selected according to their academic and/or experiential qualifications as listed on their CV’s and cover letters explaining why they want to be engaged in community development.Our volunteers should have a general interest in conservation and be willing to learn and gain experience in community development.

We primarily accept young change-makers who are enthusiastic about engaging in the sustainable development of rural communities. We expect our volunteers to be studying a degree program in the fields of biological sciences, environmental sciences, geography or agriculture and to be intent on pursuing a career in this field.

We are currently accepting interns for our Climate Change Education: Building Capacity for Future Farmers of Nyamira County project. Our ongoing volunteer placements are based in Nyamira County. This project will run from October 2019 to December 2020.

Volunteers main duties will include:

  • Facilitating environmental education
  • Facilitating agro-forestry classes
  • Conducting tree planting sessions
  • Progress data collection
  • Contributing to our social media and blog pages

Please note that international applicants (non-Kenyan) are encouraged to either contact us directly or apply for a position through AIESEC – University of Nairobi.

How many internship positions are there each year?

We have up to 21 volunteer positions available at Konservation each year.

For our ongoing Climate Change Education: Building Capacity for Future Farmers of Nyamira County project, volunteer seasons for selected individuals will run for at least one week during the following time period:

  • January 2020 – March 2020
  • May 2020 – July 2020

Please refer to our website’s volunteer page for exact dates. The application window is open periodically through our google forms for about a month as advertised on our website and social media pages.

How long is a Konservation volunteer program?

Konservation aims to inspire as many young people to be involved in the sustainable development of rural communities. For this reason, we only require volunteers to commit to 1 week of work in order to allow room for more young people to get involved.

Depending on performance and work ethic, volunteers may be invited to stay on for an extra week or become a full member of the Konservation Youth Network.

What will I be doing?

The Konservation volunteer program intends to select the best candidates in the aforementioned target fields.

Volunteers are to serve as assistants to the project manager and thus the projects you will be participating in will be part of on-going work, and only rarely do volunteers take a leading role in the project.

The primary focus of our ongoing volunteer project work is environmental education (going out to the field to teach student), farming (practical lessons on agroforestry), tree planting (planting seedling in our Fence That School Initiative) and data collection (recording data for specific research objectives).

Please take the time to read from our website and learn more about the project work conducted by Konservation.

How much do I have to raise for to be a volunteer?

Local volunteers do not have to raise funds to take part in any Konservation projects.

Konservation caters for food, accommodation and transportation costs that are project related, in Nyamira County.

International volunteers may have to raise funds to pay for their food, accommodation and transportation.

What should I bring?

We will send you a comprehensive volunteer kit list once you are selected to be a volunteer. However, you should expect to bring warm and modest clothing, farm wear and a laptop with wireless internet capabilities is optional.

What outputs am I expected to produce?

Volunteers are required to work and report to the project managers directly in the ongoing project they are enrolled for. Details about the roles and expectations of a project will be explained once a volunteer is onboard.

Every intern will be expected to share a detailed experience of their time working in the grassroots project. This content will be published on Konservation’s website and blog pages.

Volunteers automatically join the Konservation Youth Network after working with us.

Required Forms and Documents for the Application

  1. Filled in and submitted google form
  2. A one page cover letter explaining your interests, qualifications and reasons for applying to volunteer at Konservation appended to the applicant’s CV and emailed to info@konservation.net

Required Forms and Documents after the Application

  1. Signed Indemnity Form – once accepted, this is form is signed by all volunteers, showing one acknowledges the realities of living and working in an external rural community and accordingly does not attach the organization to ensuing liabilities.
  2. Medical Form – once accepted, volunteers are required to fill this form to share necessary medical details with Konservation, which may be relevant to your volunteer period with us.
  3. Volunteer Kit – once accepted, volunteers will be provided with a list (volunteer kit) that details all they might need while at the field.

Important Notice

All volunteers with any kind of medical or physical condition must inform us with full details during the application process. For more information, please contact us through info@konservation.net


+254 708 724 973