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6853 km long, 3.9 km wide, 9.5 meter deep – on average – with a discharge rate of 99,940 cubic meters per second and the longest water course on earth, the Nile River is arguably the 9th wonder of the world.
Agriculture, however, remains the backbone of East Africa’s regional economy which develops the reason why more youth should get involved.
Science clearly shows that there is a strong correlation between the emission of greenhouse gases through the burning of fossil fuels and the average rise in global temperature.
For the past few decades Kenyans have been longing for change, change in government practices, change in development strategies, change in national issues such as corruption and poverty.
To stand on the vast plains of Samburu or any gazetted park across Africa and enjoy the view of migrating elephants, is an amazing experience. But finding the elephants is a whole different story.
One of the most profound lessons we learn from nature – among the many we so often encounter – is that the butterfly, in all its beauty and splendor, was never born a butterfly.


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